Guiding Principles

Our purpose is to promote the good of the University as a whole and to align decision making with the vision and mission of the University. We will not reinvent the wheel. We will utilize existing documents, reports, evaluations, and previous work to effect change. Our process will adhere to the following principles:

  1. Transparency and Communication: The Cabinet will regularly communicate clearly and concisely with all stakeholders of the University.
  2. Collegiality: The Cabinet will actively gather and respond to ideas from faculty, staff, students, and administrators in an iterative process.
  3. Transcending Boundaries: The Cabinet will demonstrate and promote collaboration across institutional boundaries, both horizontally and vertically.
  4. Focus on Change: The Cabinet will work with existing governance structures to suspend less urgent administrative, University and senate activities during the process so that the entire University can focus on the current priorities.
  5. Results: This process will result in action, not a folder on a bookshelf. It will achieve actual change through the development and implementation of innovative short- and long-term solutions with measurable outcomes.