Setting Future Campus Priorities

Cabinet Charge: To help achieve the University's vision, 1.3 of the Cabinet report recommended, in part, that:

Policymakers must identify – on an annual or biannual basis – specific priorities and projects that will advance vision. This planning process is vital in good budget times and bad. In the latter, the emphasis may be upon which programs to consolidate or protect from cuts based upon their consistency with the vision… We urge careful consideration of the model used by CSU ‐ Long Beach for the development of such priorities, as described here.

Change Steering Committee Response:

As a result of its extensive work, the Cabinet for Institutional Change developed five focus areas for campus change, with specific recommendations under each focus area. The Change Steering Committee was established to oversee the progress of each focus area and their associated recommendations by monitoring their progress and updating this site.

To that end, the Change Steering Committee felt it was prudent to establish a process for prioritizing campus goals for each academic year based on the Cabinet for Institutional Change's recommendations. Thus, the priorities for change identified for this academic year were arrived at by campus leadership in consultation with the Change Steering Committee. After identifying campus priorities for change, we developed a process in which those responsible for implementing the change priorities maintain accountability by providing progress reports twice a semester, which are made available to the campus and community via this website.

The Change Steering Committee believes it is essential that HSU establish an ongoing culture of identifying annual priorities (goals), and a system of accountability for implementation of those goals. The Change Steering Committee believes that a committee within the new university senate structure is the appropriate place for this to occur and continue. Until a new university senate is established, and a process for identifying and tracking annual campus priorities is in place, the Change Steering Committee is willing to work with the campus in Spring 2011 to establish the campus priorities for change for AY 2011-2012, and continue tracking the progress in these areas.


Comment posted on 03/02 at 10:36 AM:

I feel that our school should be working on ways to meet county and state mandates on waste and energy issues.  The campus so far has been a great example to the community through the development of the Office of Sustainability.  We now need to continue the work and look into even more ways to be a model for other institutions. An example could be to look into waste diversion programs and their potential to reduce our impact on landfills and greenhouse gas emissions. The food waste project is a good example of this.  Support from the administration would play a key role in its success.

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