Institutional Change Progress Report and Change Committee Response to Enrollment: A component of the campus enrollment management plan must evaluate programs' centrality to the vision (Cabinet Recommendation 1.2), Reinstatement of a university Enrollment Management Task Force (Cabinet Recommendation 3.1), and Initiative to increase graduation rates (Cabinet Recommendation 3.2)

Cabinet Charge: Cabinet Recommendation 1.2 suggests that the campus enrollment management plan include an evaluation of programs' centrality to the university vision. This new plan will help shape the size and mix of academic programs at HSU – and funding for these programs ‐‐ for years to come. Vision is key; for academic programs, the scoring on the "vision" component of the program prioritization report is one measure that ought to be utilized.

Progress to date: The Enrollment Management Task Force is currently looking at program cost as the main element in controlling size of programs. Any recommendation on the mix of programs will come out of the Integrated Curriculum Committee (ICC), which has a subgroup that concentrates on planning. Once the cost element is in place, then the ICC will look at how vision might help determine the size and mix of programs.

Cabinet Charge: As item 3.1 in its report, the Cabinet recommended and supported the reinstatement of a university Enrollment Management Task Force, and its efforts to establish university‐wide plans to improve student success and persistence to graduation. The Task Force is comprised of retention and recruitment work groups that have faculty, staff, and student representation. These work groups are developing recruitment and retention plans to increase diversity on campus and to help HSU students persist to graduation.

Progress to date: The Provost asked the Enrollment Management Task Force to recommend a charge for the Enrollment Management Committee. Such recommendation is expected by the end of the semester. This has also been discussed in the Senate Executive Committee because parts of what an enrollment management committee would do may want to be folded into those Senate Committees.

Cabinet Charge: Recommendation 3.2 focuses upon an initiative to increase graduation rates. The Cabinet also supports the recently announced system initiative to increase graduation rates to the top quartile of our national comparison institutions.

Progress to date: An extensive plan has been developed that includes a timeline for improving graduation rates at HSU. The Graduation Rate Improvement Group continues to meet and monitors progress toward the goals laid out in the plan.

Change Steering Committee Response:

January 2011 Response:

The Change Steering Committee looks forward to the report from the Enrollment Management committee and we recommend its speedy and highly visible dissemination to campus as well as its swift implementation.

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