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Institutional Change Progress Report and Change Committee Response to Campus Calendar: Campus Calendar and Effective Networking (Cabinet Recommendation 4.4)

Cabinet Charge: Recommendation 4.4 of the Cabinet for Institutional Change Report states:

Campus Calendar and Effective Networking. There is confusion on campus about the roles and responsibilities of decision‐makers, no effective means of communication other than e‐mail and limited central means by which campus events are advertised. We recommend that an in‐house facebook‐style networking be implemented as a central means of communication.

Progress to date: A task force convened by Anna Kircher conducted initial research to pull together a comprehensive list of calendar solutions that are currently being used throughout Higher Ed. and outside. The initial list was made up of both open source and commercial packages and consisted of 6. The 6 were evaluated against the list of feature requirements as well as general impressions of the tools and were narrowed to 4. After conducting a technical review of the 4 products and narrowing the list to 2; 1 commercial solution and 1 open source they have recommended the institution fund the implementation of the open source UNL Event Publisher.

Resources require a .5 FTE Calendar/Event Manager. Ongoing as well as implementation funding has been requested by Frank Whitlatch as summarized below:

Change Steering Committee Response:

January 2011 Response:

The Change Steering Committee appreciates the progress outlined in the report submitted by Matt Hodgson and Josh Callahan on January 7, 2011. We hope that in the anticipated fiscal climate the funding identified for this initiative, including personnel needs, will be maintained over the long term. The milestones achieved and those forecast offer a clear and reasonable process to achieve a Fall 2011 launch.

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