February 2, 2010 - Change Cabinet Final Report (pdf)

The Cabinet for Institutional Change is charged with initiating comprehensive reforms at Humboldt State University, with the goal of making the institution more effective and responsive. We were formed in response to issues raised during the current reaccreditation process and at the recommendation of Keeling & Associates. However, our goal is broader than simply meeting the expectations of an accreditation body. We seek instead to address numerous, longstanding difficulties that have kept Humboldt State from being as successful as it could.

We see a great deal of promise in the University’s candid assessments of its challenges, its acceptance of critiques by outside experts, and its willingness to confront them in a focused way. Ours is a campus community willing to do what is necessary to improve, and it is clearly committed to the future of the University and its students.

The Cabinet for Institutional Change is working with faculty, students, staff, administrators and alumni to develop specific approaches to five major areas of change. Each area has been identified as important in recent studies and reports. We are confident that Humboldt State will grow stronger as these change processes begin and, especially, as the changes are implemented.

October 2009 - Focus Area Updates (pdf)

October 2009 - Focus Area Timeline (pdf)

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Governance Update - Spring 2009 »

Mary Glenn and Phil Rouse have been meeting with campus groups to gather perspectives and ideas from as many people as possible. Our meetings have been summarized in the commentary below.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Making the Vision Matter »

An update on work to integrate the university vision into decisionmaking—including a list of ideas generated over the course of the semester.

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Posted by John Meyer at 08:43 AM
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