Student Success is a Continuing Priority

The Cabinet area focusing on Student Success has been surveying existing efforts across campus that are focused on either:
  * Improving Diversity
  * Measuring and promoting Student Learning Outcomes

For the diversity focus we are honing in on four primary measures for underrepresented students:
  * Access: how many underrepresented students get in to HSU
  * Persistence: how many stay with their major, versus switching
  * Retention: how many stay with HSU, versus transferring
  * Graduation: how many complete their degree here

These measures give us a clearer picture of how well we are serving these student populations, as well as clues to where opportunities for improvement exist. 

As our committee goes out to meet with various stakeholders I am surprised at how much work is already being done in this area. Justus & Randi have been tirelessly lining up meeting after meeting with over a dozen groups, departments, and committees tasked with diversity or student learning outcomes related goals. Whatever problems may still exist, there is nevertheless, a lot to be proud of. There are plenty of faculty, staff, administrators, and students involved in praiseworthy efforts to move HSU forward as a diverse community. More and more I realize that the Cabinet’s greatest contribution to this area is less about launching brand new endeavors, than coordinating, aligning, and reinforcing all of this work already in progress- so that it’s accumulative impact can be maximized.

Most of the groups on our stakeholder list have been met with, and many existing reports and documents are being collected to synthesize a bigger picture of exactly where we are as a campus on these issues. 

As we move into the Fall of next year, we will be making our change recommendations and identifying key representatives to invite into a ‘change team’ to run with the next (and perhaps most vital) portion of this change process: implementation.

Posted by Dan Davis at 10:14 PM