Introduction on Collegiality

    There are many members of this cabinet who could have focused on this area. I chose to because it’s something I can see directly affecting students, as well as all individuals of the HSU community. I am a bit anxious frankly, because this area of focus is a lot less concrete than the others.  Also, as you know, the word “collegiality” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people depending on their experiences here at HSU.
    “Colleague” is a word which denotes unity toward a common purpose or vision and respect for each other’s abilities to work toward that purpose.  Thus, the word collegiality is respect for another’s commitment to the common purpose and ability to work toward it.
    As a student I can feel the tension on campus.  I could see before I even heard of the Keeling report, WASC, or any of that, something wasn’t right.  I think I speak for many students when I say we know there is something wrong concerning our university whether or not we have heard through word of mouth, recent reports and document or have not heard the facts at all. The energy about us permeates throughout the whole system and is affecting us all, faculty, staff, administrators, and students alike.
    In whatever way we as a community decide on how to do it, our campus needs to pull together.  Many things come second to a unified, collegial campus, including student success.  Collegiality and collaboration cannot be imposed. Nor are we likely to be successful in any other endeavors, including the other focus areas, if we do not cultivate a collegial, respectful and responsive community. 
    We cannot wait for our colleagues to begin this endeavor before us. Rather, we must all begin at once together.
    I am confident that we can because I already see collegiality and collaboration taking place.  Students and faculty work together and collaborate every day.  Our community is hopeful and eager to see HSU rise to its full potential.
Our community is not lost, it has just lost focus.

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